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16-19 Bursary

16-19 Bursary 2016-17

 New Year 13 students are required to complete their application and supply supporting documentation to the sixth form office by July 2017 in order to qualify for payments from September 2017

 Download the Bursary 2017-18 Application form.

The Student Bursary Fund aims to support students enrolled in the school Sixth Form who face the greatest financial barriers to learning. If you fall into one of the groups listed below, you may be able to benefit from the scheme.

Category A

(Priority 1)

Category B

(Priority 2)

Category C

(Priority 3)


Students in one of the following groups:

§ In care/care leaver; in receipt of income support or Universal Credit.

§  In receipt of Disability Living Allowance (or Personal Independence Payments) AND Employment Support Allowance


You will be entitled to a bursary of £1,200.


Students will be allocated regular payments for specific educational purposes.


Payments will be made weekly and be subject to an attendance criteria and a learning agreement.



Students living in a household where the gross annual income is below £16,190 (threshold for Working Tax Credits/Free School Meals) and you find it difficult to meet the cost of full time education, you may be entitled to some support.


Students will be allocated regular payments for specific educational purposes.


Payments will be made every 4 weeks and be subject to an attendance criteria and a learning agreement.


Amount paid will be dependent on student numbers in this category and funds available.


Learners facing extreme financial barriers.


If you face real difficulties in continuing to stay in full time education, you can apply for assistance for the 16-19 Bursary.


Any help offered will be entirely at the schools discretion.


Students can apply for funds to meet a short term or specific educational need.


This will be subject to funds being available and the number of applications received.



The Government’s limited bursary funds will be provided as a contribution towards supporting the student to attend and be successful in their chosen studies.  Every young person receiving a bursary must satisfy the eligibility criteria according to the Education Funding Agency  and The Mirfield Free Grammar Sixth Form 16-19 Student Guide 2017/2018.


To apply for help from the fund you will need to complete the application form in your enrolment pack or you can collect an application form from the Sixth Form Office.

You must:

  • Be enrolled on a full-time programme of study at The Mirfield Free Grammar Sixth Form
  • Be under 19 years of age on the 31stAugust 2018
  • Have a bank or building society account in your own name in order to receive any payments


Please bring your completed application form with supporting evidence to enrolment day, or after to the sixth form office by Friday 15th September. Support is means tested and you will be required to provide evidence of income. Please note for evidence of income we must have the original documents, photocopies are not acceptable.

Once your application has been assessed you will be advised of the outcome by email and whether there are any conditions attached to the financial assistance awarded.

The Sixth Form will award any bursaries based on individual needs, the number of applications and the funds available. 


The application deadlines are as follows:

  • Ø Priority 1 & 2 = Enrolment Day August 2017 for priority processing
  • Ø Priority 1 & 2 = Friday 15thSeptember 2017
  • Ø Priority 3 = Any time during term time
  • Ø If there is a sudden change in your financial circumstances, and you require immediate assistance, an application form can be submitted at any time.

If you have any queries regarding the Bursary Fund or application process, please contact Ms Denham in the Sixth Form Office 01924 481931 or email