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We believe that high standards of dress are important for students as individuals and the Academy as a whole. Our uniform has been chosen because it represents the clearly identifiable standard for The Mirfield Free Grammar. It is straightforward and smart. It is compulsory for all students, and parents are asked to support the staff in monitoring their child's dress. The wearing of some items of clothing relating to religious beliefs is acceptable as long as they are in the Academy colours. The Academy reserves the right to comment upon the suitability of the Academy uniform, hair and appearance.

The suppliers of our Academy uniform are Rawcliffes and Natasha's in Dewsbury.

  • The Academy blazer with Academy badge.
  • Plain white blouse/shirt with a conventional collar.
  • Mid-grey (not black or tight fitting) tailored trousers.
  • The Academy tie. (NB: There is a different design for each Year Group).
  • Footwear - shoes should be plain black leather, leather look or patent and either flat soles or with a conventional low heel (2" or 5cm max). (Backless shoes, high heels and boots are not acceptable). See pictures below.
  • Socks should be white, black or grey. Tights should be black, grey or neutral.
  • Jewellery should be limited to a wrist watch.
  • For girls only, one pair of small stud earrings will be allowed. No piercings are allowed for boys.
  • There should be no visible piercings apart from ear studs.
  • Hair ornaments should be plain and in the Academy colours (i.e. claret, white, black or grey).
  • Make-up and coloured nail varnish are inappropriate for the Academy.
  • Hair colour and style must be appropriate for the Academy. Hair should be no shorter than 6mm (No. 2). Hair should be one colour, subtle highlights are acceptable. Bands of colour are inappropriate. Should students choose inappropriate patterns, colours or styles the Academy reserves the right to ask a student to modify his/her hair.

NB: All students will require a yellow apron for food technology.