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Student Support & Behaviour

We expect a very high standard of self-discipline and behaviour from all students at all times. We hope that by encouraging students to adopt a caring and responsible attitude at the Academy that they will behave sociably at all other times and in their life too.

Behaviour for Learning (BFL) is an integral part of our Academy ethos. It is a behaviour management system which encompasses all aspects of student conduct throughout the Academy; in the classroom, around the Academy, and towards the individual. At its heart is the philosophy that all students and staff in our Academy are important and valued individuals and deserve to be treated with respect. All aspects of a students' behaviour affects their learning and that of those around them. Students learn best when they are happy and confident and the BFL system is in place to help achieve this; no one has the right to interrupt others' learning. There is a significant reward system linked to BFL, but also a range of sanctions to help students learn to avoid antisocial behaviour. A very important aspect of our system is that all sanctions are issued via the BFL system based on a few very simple rules to which we ask the students to adhere.


Support for Students in The Wellbeing Centre

The Wellbeing Centre offers support to all students, staff and parents of the MFG and Sixth Form.

The centre provides confidential one to one counselling, a school nurse one afternoon per week, group work, leaflets and a lunch time drop-in every day.

We support students in all aspects of emotional, health and wellbeing and feel strongly that those supported through the Wellbeing Centre are more likely to achieve and encourages them to go on to access services in the future.

Students can self-refer or can be referred by a member of staff or parent with the young person’s consent.