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Future First is a charity that helps schools and colleges stay in touch with their students after they leave. Traditionally known as “old boy” networks in the public schools, these alumni networks can be really important in helping current students explore opportunities, find inspiration from ex-students and help keep ex-students connected with their old friends. Future First are developing these networks for state schools to give our children the same advantages – and The MFG isa member of the project.

Our alumni have already contributed to the school by conducting mock interviews, becoming mentors in our pilot mentor project, have attended our careers conventions and have delivered both formal and informal sessions on their careers and experiences in “spotlight sessions”, careers workshops and presentations in classes. Their involvement has been invaluable and inspirational to our students – as they see and hear first-hand from our alumni, and perhaps start to have a vision for their future.

Importantly, our alumni have also gained personally from the experience of coming back to school; developing presentation, communication and inter-personal skills in many instances. But perhaps, most significantly of all, they have felt they were able to give back to the school that gave them so much.

Our leavers have been invited to join the network since 2012 and have done so in large numbers, this year’s leavers will also be invited to join but we would very much like to expand our network of older ex students.

If you attended The MFG, why not sign up? This requires no further action from you - it simply means you will receive updates every now and then that keep you in the loop as to what is going on. Even after you’ve left, school can provide opportunities to learn new skills and maybe get the job you want. Future First believe that “your school, the former students and the young people who are still there could all benefit from staying connected.”

We would very much like to keep in touch with you if you attended The MFG - and let you keep in touch with one another.

If you complete the on-line form your data is kept securely and safely and we will be able to stay in touch.

Former Students sign up:  www.networks.futurefirst.org.uk/former-student/themirfieldfree

School Leavers sign up: www.networks.futurefirst.org.uk/student/themirfieldfree