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Assertive Mentoring

As part of the extensive intervention and support programme, to raise standards and aspirations for all, we launched an Assertive Mentoring Programme. Each Year 11 student has access to a staff mentor who will negotiate a range of suitable targets and interventions, based on each individual student’s needs, to help them to overcome any barriers to learning and encourage increasing focus to maximise progress.

The programme has proved to have a marked effect with Year 11 students.  It has received very positive feedback regarding its impact from both students and staff involved. It resulted in even stronger collaboration between staff and students, and staff with colleagues in order to focus on how exactly, students are to get from where they are to where they should be. The most popular identified benefits cited were:

  • improving focus for how to meet or exceed target grades and attitude towards study;
  • raising confidence and self belief;
  • support with how to revise smartly and creation of short and long term revision programmes. 

To avoid impacting on crucial curriculum and teaching time, students have access to these invaluable mentoring meetings on Monday evenings from 3.05pm-3.30pm, over 10 sessions throughout the year.

We ask that parents and carers work with us to make the programme the resounding success we know it can be by ensuring their child attends all the meetings and encourages them to discuss their targets, and how they will achieve them.