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Careers Education


The MFG ensures that through its Careers Education, Advice, Information and Guidance (CEAIG) programme, all students gain the skills, knowledge and understanding to take responsibility for and confidently manage their own career development and lifelong learning. Through a wide range of personalised interventions, they are more able to identify and select progression routes and prepare for the world of work, leading to a positive contribution to society and fulfilling their career potential.

The Academy’s programme for CEAIG is designed to be impartial and independent, in addition to being accommodating to suit each student’s individual needs. We aim for all students to leave the Academy either at Year 11 or Year 13 having confidently made choices regarding their future aspirations and paths towards achieving them. Each student will have secured an offer of learning, training or employment (Year 13 leavers) and will be aware of the relevance of the local and national labour market. The success of the CEAIG programme is be measured through student feedback (both after each event and on leaving the Academy) and also through Student Destination figures.


CEAIG forms a significant part of the tutorial programme in Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. A comprehensive range of materials has been produced by the Think Futures team.  These are designed to enable students to make informed and positive decisions for themselves at key junctions in their academic life.

All students participate in the National Careers Week activities annually and are also made aware of whole school careers events including Spotlight Sessions, Careers Fairs and the regular updates on the Think Futures website. This is in addition to having access to the Academy’s dedicated Careers and Guidance Officer and the corresponding physical and digital resources.

Year 7 and 8 students are introduced to their Record of Achievement and also complete the Fast Tomato tutorial programme. This begins their personal investigations into career preferences and opportunities and complements their invitation to the Careers Fair organised by Year 9 students who complete a CEAIG Challenge tutorial programme. This culminates in the design and delivery of the Careers Fair to Year 7 and 8 students. They also undertake the Year 9 “Choices” tutorial programme prior to selecting their preferred GCSE course options.

Key Stage 4 students in Years 10 and 11 all take part in five full days’ work experience, which they prepare for during Integrated Studies lessons and through tutorial work. All students and parents are introduced to the UCAS Progress Further Education (FE) application system via the tutorial programme ”Moving On”, assemblies, online guidance and parents’ evening presentations. Students then complete their applications following a framework which incorporates both internal and external deadlines, to ensure that adequate time is given for well-considered, reflective applications. Students are prepared for FE and work-based training interviews through the application for and participation in Mock Interviews, delivered in the Academy by a wide range of local employers.

Key Stage 5 students are inducted through the tutorial programme to the range of CEAIG services available. Each student participates in a week-long Professional Placement in Year 12 in a role that is linked to their intended career aspirations. The UCAS progression programme is delivered to all Year 12 and 13 students, introducing them to Higher Education (HE) opportunities, student finance and relevant application processes.

Every effort is taken to ensure there is sufficient careers information to meet the requirements of special needs students. These students are identified as being part of the Calderdale & Kirklees (C&K) Careers Advisors’ (statutory provision) caseload and therefore the Advisors attend SEN Reviews and provide additional support with regard to guidance and work experience placements.

Work Experience and Professional Placements

The Academy believes that work experience is an important component of work-related learning. It has an impact on young people’s motivation and maturation and is therefore given priority status for students who are about to undertake key career decisions.

All students take part in five days’ Work Experience in Year 11 and a week long (minimum) Professional Placement in Year 12. Parents are made aware of how the experience fits into the Academy’s curriculum and the role that the Work Experience Team at the C&K Careers Service plays.

Form and subject tutors work with students through the sections of their Work Experience guide, thereby preparing students for health and safety issues and encouraging them to assess the aims of the programme and their expectations. Materials used by tutors are all designed by qualified staff within the Academy and are designed to complement and reinforce important issues.

Placements for both programmes are secured through student and Academy business links and also through the database held by the C&K Careers Service. The C&K Careers Service ensures that all placements meet the relevant Health and Safety requirements and are fully suitable for students to attend.


The Academy has a well-resourced CEAIG library that students are able to access in their free time during the school day. The LRC contains both FE and HE prospectuses, a range of information regarding career roles and routes and “self-help” literature. All information within the LRC is regularly maintained to ensure that it is relevant to students’ needs and the current labour market.

The Academy has strong links with a wide range of local, regional and national business and establishments. These partners regularly contribute to the CEAIG activities delivered in the Academy, including Mock Interviews, Careers Fairs and Spotlight sessions. Their contributions lead to students of all abilities being made aware of and inspired by the broad range of career pathways available locally and nationally.