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Exam Performance


Key Stage 4 2016:

The Progress 8 score was adversely affected by a legacy curriculum (90 students had unfilled ‘buckets’ in the Ebacc section), and 10 students who were studying a reduced number of subjects valid for the measure, as they were on an Alternative Curriculum.

  2016 2016 Full time students only EXCLUDING AP students 2016 filling the empty EBacc 'buckets' with the same number as their peers national) INCLUDING AP students 2016 (filling the empty Ebacc 'buckets' with the same number as their peers nationally) EXCLUDING AP students
Progress 8 Score -0.41 -0.29 -0.27 -0.13

Attainment 8: 50.1 (National 48.2)

English Baccalaureate (students have to study English Language and Literature, Mathematics, double Science, a Modern Foreign Language and History or Geography): 24% (National 22.8%)

% of students achieving Grade C in English and Mathematics: 73% (National 58.7%)


Post 16 (2016):

A Levels:

Progress -0.1, Attainment Average Grade C-


Progress -0.09, Attainment Average C-

Applied General:

Progress +0.64, Attainment Average Distinction*-

Tech Levels:

Attainment +0.74, Attainment Average Distinction*-

English and Mathematics Progress

English +0.47 (National -0.1), Mathematics -0.1 (National -0.13)


94.7% course completion compared to 89.4% nationally


90% in education or employment at least 2 terms after 16-18 study (compared to 88% nationally)