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Adam Competes Against Olympians

Here is an update of Adam's (Year 10) success in the first weekend of the Yorkshire County Swimming Championships.

Adam now swims as a 16 year old and there is no upper age limit on this category. As such he competes against other male athletes of varying age, from teenager to adult.  Adam swam 200m back in the Sunday competition, going into the final in the 7th fastest time. In the final he finished 6th behind Max Lichfield (a Rio Olympic finalist), Richard Nagy, (a Rio Olympian) and Elliott Clogg, (an English Commonwealth swimmer). Adam beat other swimmers in the race who were both older than him and twice his size!

What a fantastic achievement to successfully compete with athletes who have represented their country at the Olympics. All Adam's time and commitment to both his land and pool training, before and after school,  is definitely starting to pay off!