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Boys Fast to Support Friend During Ramadan

Kudos from all at the MFG to Elliot Smith, Charlie Wood, Will Horkan, Charlie Hill, Alex Walker, Taylor Brame and Harry Dudding for supporting their friend Umair Pathan during Ramadan by experiencing fasting for a day. The boys report follows:

"Ramadan started on 18th June and our friend Umair began his fast. Although hard for him, he managed to fast for a full week. At the end of the first week, he was looking as though he was losing his motivation to continue with the fast so on Friday 26th June our group of friends decided to fast for a day from waking up until 9pm to support our friend and respect his beliefs. The day began with no breakfast or water before or on the way to school.

At morning break we managed to avoid having anything to eat or drink. Then came lunchtime. There were no food trays on our table as we stayed strong and continued to fast. A warm afternoon made it difficult for us not to drink any liquid, but we continued to stay strong for our friend. By 5pm, the fast began to take it's toll and we felt very tired. We all met up at 8pm and as soon as the clock hit 9pm we placed an order for takeaway pizzas and by 9.45pm we were all tucking in to our feast.

Umair has continued to fast and we all have total respect for him and anyone else who is fasting right now. We managed a day which was hard enough for us! This experience has made us realise how hard it must be to fast every day during Ramadan and so we are supporting Umair as much as we can".

Umair Pathan:

"When I first heard my friends say 'We're going to fast with you tomorrow Umair', I was quite shocked and couldn't believe what I was hearing. They explained to me that they felt guilty for eating whilst I was fasting, so they decided to join me. I just agreed, thinking that they were just joking. The next day at break time I asked them if they were getting some food from Take 5 and they all replied 'no, we're fasting'. That is when I realised that they were not joking the day before, they were being serious. A rush of pride and joy filled my heart and I thought to myself 'how lucky am I to have friends like these?'.

Throughout the day, they complained and moaned and whinged about being thirsty and hungry but all of them soldiered on. I couldn't have better friends who would do something like this for me. Thanks guys".