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Computer Science Trip Bletchley Park

30 Year 9 & 10 students were able to take part in a fantastic opportunity to explore the History behind the famous codebreaking site, Bletchley Park.  Staff and students from the MFG made a long but exciting journey to Milton Keynes to visit Bletchley Park. On arrival, students explored the ground of Bletchley Park including the mansion and the famous huts some of which house Alan Turing’s office and offices to many other computing and mathematical geniuses.

Students experienced an amazing tour of the grounds of Bletchley Park, where they were introduced to the importance of the site during the WWII and how codebreakers used to site to intercept the messages of rival countries. They were given an extensive insight into how code breakers and other staff were deployed at Bletchley Park and how the ‘TOP SECRET’ mansion was a vital part of the success of WWII.