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Fasting unites The MFG Sixth Form students

Non-Muslim students Daniella and Laura joined their Muslim friends in their month of fasting to support and mark Ramadan and get a better understanding of Ramadan and the Islamic Faith.   

 “We knew how hard it was going to be for Danyaal, Hamiz, Lamisah, Amrina and Atyab but we’re their friends and we wanted to be there to support them all the way” said Daniella and Laura.

"It gave me a chance to explain why Muslims fast and my friends were able to ask me questions about Ramadan as well” explained Atyab.

Head of The MFG Sixth Form Vicky Chambers added: “This is not an easy time of the year for our Muslim students to be fasting as the days are extremely long and warm.  It’s wonderful and heart-warming to see our students uniting together in this way. We wish our students and wider community happy Eid Ul Fitr celebrations.”

Atyab, Daniella and Hamiz. Lamisah, Danyaal and Laura