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Inspiring Parent Festival

On 14 October The MFG hosted a Year 7 ‘Inspiring Parent Festival’. Throughout Saturday morning, a range of interactive workshops were delivered on Habits of Mind, BE PROUD, Home Learning, Questioning and ‘Make it Stick’ strategies. The aim of the workshops was to raise awareness of how we can continue to work together with all parents, to support their son/daughter’s to ‘be the best they can be’.

Thank you to all the Year 7 parents/carers and grandparents who were able to attend and who made the workshops a great success.

Workshop overviews:

Habits of Mind

At The MFG, we believe strongly that one of the keys to success is the building of good habits. Habits are powerful, they can lead us to be great thinkers, great leaders and to keep on learning. In this workshop we shared how positive habits can be formed and developed to support lifelong learning and success e.g. flexible thinking, perseverance, striving for accuracy, questioning – the type of skills we all need to be successful in life. These habits tap into the skills we also need to be successful learners, the ability to keep putting the effort in even if you are struggling to understand, the need to check and improve work as you go along and the ability to think about your thinking and how it happens.


Questioning is essential in supporting students to develop higher order thinking skills.  Questions help to extract knowledge and develop a deeper understanding, whilst nurturing ability to apply, analyse and create as a result of learning. If we want students to expand their mind and look at concepts in different ways, then learning how to question effectively is crucial.  

Make it Stick

"Whatever you set your sights on doing or becoming, if you want to be a contender, it is mastering the ability to learn that will get you in the game and keep you there.” In this workshop specific study skills and revision strategies were shared that are proven to be particularly helpful for students, to further support their learning and confidence in preparing for linear examination success e.g. self-quizzing strategies, flashcard challenges, use of acronyms and mnemonics, mind maps, interactive games and the use of technology.

Be Proud

At The MFG, we want all our students to Be Proud of everything they do. In this session we shared how The BEPROUD strategy works and how parents can help their son/daughter apply it to their work at school and home. We also shared strategies that we use at The MFG to help students develop outstanding work, linking to being reflective learners.

 Home Learning

Being successful in home learning supports students’ academic achievement along with developing creativity and independence skills. In this session, we shared what the expectations are for home learning and how parents can best support their son/daughter with their home learning.

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