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New Year 11 Mock Interviews

Three days in July saw our annual Mock Interview event taking place for New Year 11 students, designed to assist them in preparing for their upcoming Further Education interviews.  The event was supported by 45 visitors from a range of local businesses and industries, who used their specialist skills and knowledge to encourage students to develop their confidence and communication skills.

Each student undertook a 20 minute interview, before receiving verbal and written feedback on how their performance could potentially be improved for future interview experiences. Despite a few initial nerves, each student completed a successful interview and visitors praised the students and the event as a whole. Feedback from visitors included;

“I really enjoy interviewing the students, I'm always amazed by how mature and articulate they are!”

“Thanks again for the opportunity to interview the students at The MFG, I am constantly impressed by the overall quality and standard, every year they seem to improve”

“I was incredibly pleased with the standard of all the students I saw – I can’t help thinking how I came across at 14, and certainly didn’t have the confidence and maturity that they all demonstrated.”

 Further to this, many students received additional individual praise which will be shared with them.