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Year 13 'Umph' Competition

Four of our Year 13 business students recently took part in the Umph competition ran by Grant Thornton UK LLP at Wakefield College.

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet some entrepreneurs during the morning who spoke to students about their own experiences.  The day also included inspirational talks from each of the entrepreneurs and it was a great insight into each of their journeys to success.

The afternoon session is where the competition element started. Students were competing against each other in the Jewellery market and learnt more about risk taking and making decisions based on uncertainty.

The students had a great experience and will be able to use the skills and knowledge learnt on the day to build on their A Level studies.

These are the comments of some of the students who took part:

A great experience which I was lucky enough to be a part of. I learnt a great deal about risk and reward.”  Paul

“From listening to the speakers, I gained a better insight into a rea- life business world. The ideas which were told gave me inspiration to begin my entrepreneurial journey. I learnt that there was no set route to success. I especially enjoyed Julian from Illamasqua’s talk.”  Zoe

The Umph competition allowed me to experience real life business situations therefore meaning that I am now able to use these experiences when acting as an entrepreneur in the future. I enjoyed learning about the different life stories of successful entrepreneurs. From competing in this competition, I learnt many new things, one of them being that you need to always consider your external environment when running a business.”    Lucy

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