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GCSE Revision Support


Revision Strategies 

Note, to access the Frog resources, students just need to sign in with their normal Frog username and password. 

To support revision at home for GCSEs, the following will be useful: 

  • Mathematics:  There are GCSE resources available at https://frog.themfg.co.uk/frogos/maths  In this area, there are practice papers, as well as mark schemes and worked solutions.  Worked solutions and video tutorials have been created to support  Year 11 students.

    Students also have a login to the PiXL Maths app containing diagnosis tools, therapy videos and exam practice. The app can be used on PC/Mac and on Apple iOS and Android devices.

  • English:  There are GCSE resources available at https://frog.themfg.co.uk/ 
    Go to KS3-4 Resources and look in the folders for English Language GCSE 2016-17 and English Literature GCSE 2016-17.
    Example responses and exam breakdowns for both exams can also be found here.

  • Science:  There are GCSE resources available at https://frog.themfg.co.uk/frogos/Science in the Year 11 GCSE folder.

  • For all subjects:
    To support students with GCSE Exams, they also have access to GCSEPod.

    To access GCSEPod, students login to FrogLearn frog.themfg.co.uk/frogos using their normal Frog login. When they reach their dashboard full instructions are there.

    If you have any issues accessing any of the above material then please feel free to email npp@themfg.co.uk

Mr Packard (Vice Principal)