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New GCSE English and Mathematics

This page will contain the presentation and information from the 3rd February Parents meeting, and is relevant to all students from Year 11 and below.

  • PDF of the Powerpoint presentation. This contains general information about the Government changes and then the presentations from English and Mathematics
  • English and Maths summary. This document was first distributed at the Year 9 curriculum evening in January 2015, and contains further detail of the content for each of the subjects.

English and Mathematics will be awarded on a new grading system. The following diagram from the Government shows the approximate equivalence to the A*-G system. Note that the higher grades are more differentiated now.

The Government have provided the following approximations:


  • the same proportion of students who attained a Grade A previously will attain a Grade 7
  • the same proportion of students who attained a Grade C previously will attain a Grade 4
  • Grade 5 is the top end of Grade C and the lower end of Grade B
  • The top 10% who are awarded a Grade 7 will attain a Grade 9 (this is approximately 3% of entries)