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Parent Voice Feedback

Dialogue between home and school is essential to make sure that students achieve their best.

Throughout the year parents are welcome to contact subjects teachers or Achievement Co-ordinators/Form Tutors as relevant by telephone, and the “Creating Futures” progress monitoring system includes a parent feedback form.

Parent Consultation Evenings take place once a year between parents and subject teachers. These run from 4-7pm and are on the calendar on the web site. Additionally, Year 7 parents have a meeting in November where they meet their Form Tutor to discuss how students have settled into the Academy. Throughout the year, special parent information meetings are offered for different year groups addressing issues such as options, introduction to GCSEs, revision skills etc. These are advertised on the web site and through letters home.

We also request feedback from parents on more general school matters at Parent Consultation Evenings. This enables us to address immediately any concerns that there may be which haven’t already been notified, and to ensure our provision remains outstanding.

Throughout 2015-16, exit questionnaires were taken at all Parent Consultation Evenings. The questions were based around the Parent Voice questionnaires used by Ofsted to gather parent views at inspections.

Following the Parent Consultation evening, feedback is immediately gathered and any issues or comments which are ‘disagree’ or ‘strongly disagree’ are followed up immediately by the Achievement Co-ordinator. The questionnaire also asks if any extra contact is required throughout the year from subject teachers, which is also communicated to those subject teachers within a day of the Parent Consultation evening.

The results of the 2015-16 feedback are as follows:


Overall Strongly agree/ agree

My child is happy at this school


My child feels safe at this school


My child makes good progress at this school


My child is well looked after at this school


My child is taught well at this school


My child receives appropriate homework for their age


This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved


This school deals effectively with bullying


This school is well led and managed


This school responds well to any concerns I raise

96% (2% don't know)

I receive valuable information from the school about my child's progress ("Creating Futures")


Would you recommend this school to other parents?