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KS4 Chemistry


Students follow the EDEXCEL Chemistry (9-1) course leading to 1 of 3 GCSE’s. They will be assessed by exam papers at the end of the course in Year 11. There are 2 exam papers equally weighted. Practical skills are assessed through the exam papers and are taught throughout the course.

This course covers three main areas where they need to demonstrate knowledge and understanding, apply their knowledge and analyse information.



The students will study


Key concepts in chemistry (atoms, bonding and periodic table and moles calculations), states of matter and mixtures (states of matter and separation and purification techniques), chemical changes (acids, solubility and electrolysis), extracting metals and equilibria, groups in the periodic table (groups1,7 and 0), rates of reaction and energy changes, fuels and Earth science (extraction, separation and combustion of fuels and pollution effects and changes in the atmosphere), qualitative analysis, organic chemistry, polymers and nanoparticles, transition metals, alloys and corrosion, quantitative analysis using moles, dynamic equilibria and chemical cells.