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The SAM Club

The MFG SAM Club, or Structure-A-Month club, is an opportunity for staff to learn a new structure beyond what is delivered through the basic training. Through SAM club, teachers are immersed in the Kagan structures and are enabled to share ideas and develop new strategies to use with their classes. We encourage all staff, from support staff to the senior team, to be part of SAM club.

At SAM club teachers learn a structure and its steps by doing it themselves.  They learn what the pitfalls might be, learn how to avoid them and have the chance to ask questions instead of reading about the structures in a book.  The best bit of the SAM club is that teachers then generate ideas to take back to their own class where they can use the structure with their students. 

The more structures a teacher has in their toolbox, the more their learners will become independent experts and be stretched in their learning. These structures are also crucial to building and developing our most able so that they become flexible and critical thinkers for their future careers.