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The transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is probably the biggest change in a child’s education.  They will go from having mainly one teacher in one classroom on a daily basis to having five different lessons, in different classrooms with different teachers and across a large site. 

At The MFG we strive to make the transition arrangements as thorough, reassuring and informative as possible for both students and parents. Through various meetings and information evenings we aim to alleviate any concerns prior to the official starting date in September.

When the new Year 7 students come to The MFG for the Transition Day (usually the first Tuesday in July), they will be welcomed  by their Achievement Co-ordinator, placed into their Tutor groups, meet  their Form Tutor and experience  three lessons to introduce them to learning at The MFG.

For the first two weeks in September there will be ‘Support for Learning’ staff in every lesson to help them settle in and assist in the movement around the site.  Students should not worry about being late to lessons during this time.  After two weeks, students are more familiar with their timetable and are able to arrive to all of the lessons punctually.

Break and Lunchtime

Every year group has their own ‘break time’.  The Year 7 break is at 10.05am to 10.20am. There are two eating areas and more than enough seats for the year group. 

Year 7 have the first lunch break, 12.30pm to 1.05pm; again, as with break,  each year group have their lunch at different times.  There are social areas for students to use and they can also access the Learning Resource Centre.

For more information please click on  'Information for New Students' .