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True Colors

True Colors® is a communication tool designed to help people understand more about their own and other people’s behaviour and personality, an invaluable aid to help support enjoy further success in careers, within families and other personal relationships. It can help participants to:

  • Have a better understanding of their own potential;
  • Be able to recognise and encourage potential in others;
  • Bridge gaps in communication, leading to respect and compassion for themselves and others;
  • Develop successful relationships and improve team working;
  • Contribute to the development of more effective learning.

As people mature their emotional development precedes most forms of cognitive development. Young children experience emotions and react to them long before they can verbalise what they are feeling. True Colors® was developed in the late 1970’s by Don Lowry, to provide an easy and accessible way for children and adults to better understand and express themselves.

Based on personal construct psychology and developed from MBTI and the work of David Keirsey, True Colors® uses a metaphor of four colours to help individuals of all ages develop their emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing. True Colors® develops the 4 domains of emotional intelligence in a fun, creative and experiential way:

  • Self awareness - the recognition and understanding of personal values, talents, joys, strengths;
  • Self management - personal stressors and frustrations, self regulation;
  • Social awareness – empathy and an appreciation and understanding of others;
  • Relationship management - conflict resolution, collaboration and team work.

Using True Colors® children can learn to verbalise a full array of emotions, from an early age. They learn through colour and play, not only to verbalise, but also understand and express why. Once they understand ‘why’, they can develop strategies to manage their emotions rather than internalising or externalising them inappropriately. It is in this way that True Colors® is so effective in the development of emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing.

True Colors® promotes healthy positive attitudes to self and others by acknowledging that we all possess a spectrum of all 4 colours (all 4 personality types) and that no colour is better than another and no spectrum is better than another. Whilst our preferences are led by our most dominant colours we can adopt strategies to ‘brighten’ the other colours for certain situations.

True Colors® transcends culture, age and gender, and can be used with any group from the age of 7 upwards.