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What do I need to do on A2 Level Results Day?

  • Results day for Advanced level students is Thursday 18th August. Year 13 students can collect their results from 8:30am in Stewart Hall.

Before you come and collect your results it is a good idea to have logged onto UCAS Track. Universities and UCAS will have access to your exam results from the 17th August and will therefore already have made most of their decisions. When decisions have been made they will be updated on UCAS Track; the offer code will change from CF (conditional firm) to UF (unconditional firm) if you have successfully attained that place.

*PLEASE NOTE* If you receive a confirmation text or email that you have successfully attained a place before you get your results, do not assume the grades you have achieved are the same as the entry requirements of your offer. Sometimes universities may accept students if they have achieved just outside of entry requirements.

  • If UCAS Track shows no changes to the codes it does not necessarily mean that you have not been successful. Some universities are slower in confirming their decisions with UCAS, or UCAS may have a backlog of information to be updated on the system at this busy time.
  • Some students may have received a confirmation letter from their first choice university. Again, if you do not receive a letter this does not mean you have been unsuccessful.

What to bring

When you come to school it is ESSENTIAL that you bring with you your UCAS Track username and password and the telephone contact details of your firm and insurance universities. If you have not quite achieved your points it is VITAL you are able to check your status and contact them if necessary.

After receiving your results in school, please make sure you speak to one of the Sixth Form team to inform us of your status. This will enable us to ensure that you receive the level of help and support you may need on the day.

You only need to phone a University direct if….

  • You have narrowly missed your offers and after checking on UCAS Track you have not been accepted or declined by your CF (conditional firm) and CI (conditional insurance) choices. Be patient, they will be very busy.
  • You have a significantly unpredicted lower grade and wish to appeal with the exam board (you MUST speak to sixth form team prior to University contact).




Achieved higher than your FIRM points offer?

A new UCAS feature is Adjustment. This is available to any applicant who has exceeded the point’s score of their firm choice institution (not insurance choice). It allows you 5 days to attempt to find an alternative place at an institution with a higher entry requirement, whilst retaining your original offer. You have to contact alternative universities directly to determine if there are any places available. Adjustment can be accessed using the ‘register for adjustment’ option that will appear on the UCAS Track webpage. Any student contemplating using the adjustment option should speak to Mrs Charlton or Mrs Hinchliffe first.



If you are unsuccessful in attaining your firm and insurance choice you will be eligible to use UCAS Clearing. For these applicants an ‘Add Clearing choice’ tab will appear on the UCAS Track webpage. This will only happen when your CF and CI offers have both been refused. Institutions with vacancies will be published by UCAS and The Independent newspaper. If you see a course you are interested in you will need to speak to the university direct. If you informally agree a place with a university they will give you a date by which you must enter the course details on UCAS Track. You will then be formally considered for that place. You can gain as many informal offers as you like, but you can only put one offer into UCAS Track for formal consideration. If successful, the course will appear in your choices. If you are declined, the ‘Add Clearing choice’ tab will be reactivated.

Help is available on results day if you are unsure of what to do next. Try and ensure you are at school on results day at the correct time. This will increase your chances if some vital phone calls need to be made. The A01 (next to blue block staff toilets) will also be open in order to access UCAS online.

If you would like to speak to me about anything above, I can be contacted via frogmail

(rch@mfg-frog.co.uk) or on 01924 483666. Enjoy the rest of your holidays. We look forward to celebrating your success on Results Day!

Mrs Charlton