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ICT Facilities

As well as being a taught subject, ICT is integrated into all curriculum areas and is viewed as essential to the future success of all our students.

Since becoming a Technology College in 1995, we have invested heavily in ensuring the ICT facilities are kept up-to-date, reflect practice in the workplace and help support teaching and learning in the classroom.

ICT Classrooms

There are many classrooms containing ICT facilities. These are upgraded on a rolling programme and are all connected to the same network providing specialist software to all areas of the school. Most of the rooms are bookable by teaching staff to allow students to use ICT facilities in their own teaching areas. As well as the specialist software, Microsoft Office is used and taught so every student is familiar with the usage of industry-standard software. There are over 700 PCs on the curriculum network, all running Windows 10.

iPads and Tablets

Sets of tablet devices are available for class teachers to book and use.  They offer specialist Apps as well as cameras and internet use.

In the Classroom

Every single classroom in school is fitted with a digital projector allowing teachers to use a wide-range of learning material to every single student, not just a few. All classrooms also contain Interactive Smartboards which take the integration with the digital and classrooms worlds even closer.