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Inclusion in the curriculum

Students with Additional Needs 

At The MFG Academy, we have an inclusive curriculum and plan for students based on their individual needs to ensure everyone can access the curriculum and reach their full potential. We adopt a flexible approach to curriculum adaptation and delivery. We also balance any potential benefits of flexibility against the need for students to meet standard criteria for accreditation and certification, and to prevent adapted curricula from becoming too narrow. 


Most of our students can and do access a full curriculum. Teachers adapt their teaching for learners with additional needs where necessary.  


Our Super 6 areas are inclusive for all learners. The table below shows how they support SEND learners.  


Super 6 Area  

How does this benefit SEND learners?  

Practical examplesin a lesson 

Do Now  

Retrieval practice in the Do Now is used to promote long term learning of key information.  

A short 5 question quiz at the start of every lesson in Geography, re-capping key content.  

Routines and Behaviour  

Common language and routines help manage cognitive load in the classroom and across the curriculum.  

The use of team, task, time when setting up a task, so students are clear on what they need to do.  

Assessment for Learning  

Assessment methods are used to check for understanding, allowing teachers to be responsive to students’ needs.  

Whiteboard questioning during a lesson, allowing a teacher to check for understanding of all students before moving on.  


We have high expectations. Teachers teach to the top and scaffold down for those students who require it.  

In a mixed ability class, the teacher having high aspirations for all learning and scaffolding (such as verbal support, student groupings and knowledge organisers) to support those students who need it.  

Literacy and Oracy  

Key terminology is explicitly taught to reduce the vocabulary gap between students. We encourage all students to speak like a subject specialist during lessons.  

In science, exploring the etymology of the term photosynthesis, which will then help with future vocabulary such as protein synthesis.   

Explanations, Modelling and Scaffolding  

Cognitive load is considered when explaining concepts/skills. Teachers use their subject knowledge to complement this. Teachers modelling their own thought processes supports all students. Scaffolding is used where necessary to support students ‘reaching the top’.  

An English teacher modelling how to deconstruct an essay question and then planning the essay with their class.