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Support for Success Evenings

Over the course of the term, each year group team will invite parents into the Academy to help maintain communication and allow parents to meet with key members of staff. This will involve meeting with Heads of Department who will guide parents through the main learning objectives for that particular year group. By outlining the curriculum parents and teachers can work as a team to achieve the best possible results for our students. These evenings could also include Creating Futures; Well-Being; Revision guidance; Enrichment, plus much more.  

 Year 11 Support for Success Evening October 2023

Year 10 Support for Success Evening November 2022

Parents' Evenings

At present, Parent Consultation Evenings will take place using a system called Schoolcloud. This is used in many schools and it provides a way to communicate over video call with teachers (parents can turn off video calling if they wish and just use audio).

To make appointments

You will receive a letter from school a few weeks before Parents' Evening with full details of how to logon. The web address to access Schoolcloud is:


If you have difficulty accessing this site then please email mfginformation@themfg.co.uk

There is a guide to making appointments available by clicking here.

To take part in Parents' Evening remotely

All appointments will take place remotely using Schoolcloud.

Logon to Schoolcloud on any internet connected device by going to https://themirfieldfreegrammar.schoolcloud.co.uk

Use the details you used to make your appointments.

This will take you to the dashboard. At the top of the page there will be a blue box with the Parent's Evening underneath. Click on Join Video Appointments.

Your device will request permission to use your microphone/camera. You must grant this permission to use the video calls.

If you are using an Apple iPhone or iPad, please ensure that your device is not running iOS 14.2 - there is a bug which causes video calling to stutter. Please either leave at a version prior to this, or update to iOS14.3 or later. (Go to Settings, General, Software Update and follow the instructions).

The Parents' Evening runs from the next screen after clicking on Join Video Appointments.

Please remember that there are 5 minutes allocated to each appointment and the system will stop the call after that time. This is the only way to ensure a system like this can move between parents/teachers at the correct time. If you require further time to discuss a subject with a teacher, then a telephone call can be arranged for another time.

Parents living at different addresses

If parents live at different addresses and wish to join in the same meeting, please click here for instructions on how to invite another person in to the meetings.

For more information

For more detailed information on how the system works, please either visit this link: https://support.parentseveningsystem.co.uk/article/801-video-parents-how-to-attend-appointments-over-video-call

and/or watch the video below. 

Mr Packard
Vice Principal