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The Academy will attempt to remain open at all times, however there may be occasions when it may have to close whether fully or partially.  

Adverse Weather Conditions

On rare occasions the weather may be so severe that the Academy may have to close.    If it is decided that the Academy should close, fully or partially, the following will occur:-

If heavy snow falls overnight, the Senior Leadership Team in conjunction with the Site Team will assess the risks associated with opening and consider the ability of staff to be able to get into work (accepting that many staff travel long distances) to provide full duty of care to our students.  This also involves consideration of the health and safety on the Academy site, our ability to provide appropriate cover for lessons, our ability to meet our duty of care responsibilities, the accessibility of transport and the weather forecast for the day in question. The Academy will aim to notify parents/carers and staff at the earliest practicable opportunity.

If this is the case the following will occur:-

Fully closed:  Parents may be informed about closure through one of the following methods:

  • The Academy website
  • A text message using the Academy’s messaging service (the Academy must have a current primary telephone number)
  • The school’s twitter account
  • Local radio

This situation will mean that the site is inaccessible.  In this situation the Academy will do its utmost to ensure that it is open again as soon as possible.

Partially open:  lessons may start for everyone later in the morning to ensure all students and staff can travel safely to the Academy.  Specific arrangements will be posted on the website and Twitter.  The Academy would still be open for those arriving earlier than the posted time. 

Only specific year groups may be asked to come in:  this may be because not all staff are able to get into work.  In this case students who should attend would be prioritised.  Students involved with examination courses will be given priority.  National examinations will continue if scheduled. 

 If the weather worsens during the day

  • Only in extreme circumstances will the Academy be closed early.  The decision to close will be made by the Principal and/or Senior Leadership Team.
  • Any decision to close the Academy early will be passed on to staff and students as soon as arrangements are in hand and information posted on to the website and social media.  A text will be sent to all parents/carers. 
  • Students will not be permitted to leave the Academy unless permission has been received by the parent/carer.  Those students who cannot obtain permission will remain at the Academy until they are collected by their parents/carers or will leave at the end of the day (normal time).  Staff will remain on site until the last student has left.  
  • Parents/carers should only come to the Academy to collect their children if they have received a text or phone call asking them to do so.  
  • If parents/carers come to collect their child without prior authorisation from the Academy they may have to wait until the Academy is closed before their child is released. 

 All students can access student resources either through the Academy website to provide work for them while they are at home. 

We understand that it can be frustrating for parents/carers trying to get through on the telephone when all our lines are engaged by others calling for the same reason.  We would therefore urge parents/carers to look at our website or Twitter.  If our phone lines or electricity are down then the Academy will be unable to send out a computerised text message.

How you can help

  •  Check the Academy website, Twitter and mobile phones for text messages.
  • Only phone the Academy if you really have to. 
  • Encourage your child/children to complete Academy work at home. 

Other Emergency Closures

Unfortunately, there may be times when it will be necessary to close the Academy due to failure of services (i.e. water, electricity) or health issues at which time the same procedures will be followed as above for full or partial closure.